The Range Rover First Generation was assembled from CKD packs by Pressed Metal Corporation (PMC) at Enfield, Sydney, between 1979 and 1984. PMC had commenced assembling Land Rovers at its Enfield site in 1956. The first CKD Range Rover was sold in October 1979; the last CKD Range Rover was sold in January 1985. Both 2-Door and 4-Door Range Rovers were assembled by PMC. In all, 5,970 Range Rovers were assembled from CKD packs by PMC. (Source: JRA factory data August 2020)

A change in Australian Federal Government policy at the time meant that CKD assembly of vehicles was no longer financially attractive for local industries. Range Rovers reverted to being imported from the United Kingdom to Australia as completely built up vehicles.

The photos below illustrate the CKD assembly at PMC, Enfield, Sydney.

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Photo credits: Leyland Australia / JRA Limited.