Welcome to the Rover P6 Australia website, a compendium of information relating to the Australian market versions of the Rover P6 2000SC, 2000SC Automatic, 2000TC, and Rover P6B 3500 and 3500S. 

UK production of the P6 Rover spanned 1964 to 1976 and included a 2200 model not sold here.  The development of the P6 model coincided with the development of the Rover gas turbine engine however plans for general production of the engine never eventuated.  Early prototypes included the 1961 Rover T4 from which the P6 evolved. 

Most Australian delivered models were assembled in the UK, however from 1972 the P6B 3500 automatics sold in Australia were assembled in New Zealand from complete knock down (CKD) kits.  These were available as a new car up until around 1981 despite UK production having ceased in 1976. 

More information on the history and development of the P6 Rover, including NZ assembly, can be found in the History section of this website.

The Rover P6 Australia website, along with the Rover SD1 Australia website (see link below) both aim to document the history of all Rover cars sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Dedicated pages relating to each Rover series can be found within our two websites.  The information is divided as follows:

Rover P6 Australia website:

Rover car production including P4, P5 and P6 models (1949-1976), plus Land Rover Series & Range Rover (1970-2002).

Rover SD1 Australia website

Rover car production including the Rover Quintet and 400 series, Rover 800 series, and the R40 series Rover 75 and MG ZT plus Peugeot 505.